We understand what a difficult time and decision this can be. We are both animal lovers and have unfortunately gone through this experience with our own animal companions.

At home euthanasia provides the warmth and comfort of a familiar surrounding without the added stress of going to the hospital. Both you and your loved one can privately say goodbye in a quiet setting.

Services Provided Include:

* When you call all questions will be answered directly and sensitively by Abby who has been with us since 2006. If we do not answer please leave your name and number as we do not put clients on hold or answer phones while on appointments· Upon arrival we will finalize any paperwork and discuss any remaining concerns you may have.

  • Your pet will be completely sedated with a small intramuscular injection.
  • Once your pet has lost all consciousness and awareness the final injection will be given intravenously.
  • Peaceful Passing in home euthanasia fees are $450. There is an additional $50 Emergency fee for same day appointments. Speak with your pet insurance company to see if portions of our service are covered.
  • Although we are not a 24 hour service we are available 7 days a week.
  • We are based in North County San Diego but will travel to most areas of San Diego County and Temecula. A travel fee will be added dependent on distance.
  • We can also offer two types of cremation services (costs are dependent on weight).

    1. Group cremation- your pet is cremated with other pets and all ashes are scattered at sea.

    2. Private cremation- your pet is cremated in its own space and then returned to you in a cedar chest type urn.

  • Furever Friends cremations and memorials provide all our cremation services.
  • If we are handling cremation for you we will take your pet with us when we leave.

Peaceful Passing is owned and operated by veterinarians Dr. Gary Haver and Dr. Mireille Boisse. We both have over 25 years experience in the veterinary field.

Clients have expressed that they are truly grateful to say a calm, quiet goodbye at home. There is no reason to spend those final moments with your loved one in a stressful hospital setting.

To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment please call 760-730-3300.