Dr. Mireille Boisse, D.V.M.

Dr. Boisse, a native of southern California, grew up in the Los Angeles area, and moved permanently to Encinitas in 1999. Wanting to be a veterinarian since grade school, she achieved her childhood dream when she graduated from Ross University in the Caribbean in 1995.

Animals have always been her passion, and their safety and comfort her goal. Euthanasia is one of the more difficult, but important, aspects of being a veterinarian. Quality of life, and the decline of our pets due to illness or time is inevitable, and when in time that quality of life is no longer there, difficult decisions sometimes need to be made. Our pets are our family members and best friends, and they rely on us to end suffering and pain when necessary. Since her main focus through the years has been emergency veterinary medicine, she has had to consult and assist many families with the difficult and painful subject of euthanasia. Since she has always had the relative ease of saying goodbye to her pets in the comfort of her own home, she decided she could use her skills to help others do the same, and started Peaceful Passing In Home Euthanasia ™ with Dr. Gary Haver in 2005, with the assistance of her husband Enzo, a former veterinary technician.

When not working, she enjoys traveling with Enzo and their two  daughters, and spending time with the extended furry family: “Venus”, a mastiff mix, the world’s most mellow feline, “Henri”, the parrot “Joli”, 3 tortoises, and 6 koi fish.


Dr. Gary Haver

Dr. Gary Haver is the founder and owner of Surfside Animal Hospital. He started working in animals hospitals at the age of 14. His career as a veterinarian started in 1996 when he graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. He received his Bachelors of Science degree from State University of New York at Stonybrook in 1992.

Since graduating from Ross University he has worked in New York, Maryland, and California as an associate veterinarian, medical director, a relief doctor, provided service for the county animal shelters here in San Diego, and currently co-owns Peaceful Passing, an in home pet euthanasia service. Dr. Haver currently resides in Carlsbad with his wife Dana and their 3 dogs, TJ, Mickey, Powder and Charlie the cat. In his spare time Dr. Haver enjoys traveling, SCUBA diving, fishing, sailing, and martial arts.